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It is the Winter Solstice, and naughty elves have spirited Santa Claus away. Without him to spread the Christmas cheer, winter will never end, and spring will never come. The clock is ticking. Can you find him before the day is over, or will the world be locked in darkness forever?

Taking place in conjunction with *SCAPE's Naughty Or Nice fair, this Escape Game turns the youth hub into a multi-level playground where you, as investigators from the Black Cat Detective Agency, have to follow the clues in your dossier, explore all of *SCAPE, solve the puzzles, and track down Santa's whereabouts.

But just finding his location may not be enough. You'll need all your wits to also figure out how to free him from his nefarious captors and truly save Christmas!

The THREE fastest teams to solve all the puzzles in each session will win assorted shopping vouchers from *SCAPE (worth more than $80 per team) each.

All participants will also receive a limited edition Christmas Coup can badge to commemorate the occasion.


The Christmas Coup will run for three (3) sessions daily on 9, 10, 11 Dec.

9 December - 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm

10 December - 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm

11 December - 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm

Special Early Bird Offer

These prices are valid from now till 5th December 2016.

Single tickets at $13/-

Table of four (4) players at $50/-

Regular Ticket Prices/At the Door

Regular ticket prices will be charged after 5th December 2016 and at the door.

Single tickets at $15/-

Table of four (4) players at $55/-

*As space is limited, any tickets sold are not refundable.

Flag-off Location

9 and 10 Dec - Naughty or Nice Fair (Carpark at Level 1 of *SCAPE)

11 Dec - Media Hub (Level 5 of *SCAPE)


Use SMOLELF when ordering tickets for Friday, Dec 9 (any session) to get a ticket at only $10.

This offer is valid only for tickets purchased on Peatix and will end on 8 Dec 2016.


1. Who are the organizers of The Christmas Coup?

This escape game is created by Neo Tokyo Project, a pop culture marketing guild specializing in bespoke campaigns, events and experiences. The company has organized conventions like International Cosplay Day Singapore and Doujin Market, serviced large-scale gaming events like Licence2Play, GE3, and GameStart Asia, and curated community activities for geeks, gamers and fans of pop culture.

The Christmas Coup is graciously supported by our programme partner
*SCAPE. A non-profit organization with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development, *SCAPE aims to facilitate youth-oriented programs and support within various communities of youth interest. The youths of today will be inspired and empowered to DREAM IT! LIVE IT! at *SCAPE!

2. What are the benefits of escape games?

The game helps foster cooperation and teamwork, creativity and lateral thinking as you use your wits, the tools in the dossier, and your innate talents to crack the clues.

It's also great fun, and a new, exciting way for you to bond with your family, friends or colleagues.

3. How is a typical game session like?

The Christmas Coup is a large-scale, immersive puzzle game and scavenger hunt. Unlike escape games that trap you in a room, the entire mall is your playground and your team may wander about freely. Work together with your fellow investigators to solve the puzzles in your dossier and overcome the challenges within the stipulated time.

4. How many players can there be at a table?

The recommended number of players is four (4) per table. This is the optimal number to ensure that your table has a fair chance of solving the puzzles within the allotted time.

Do purchase tickets for a full table of four players if you wish to play the game together with your friends.

Individual players and players in groups of less than four may be merged to make a full table in the event that we are oversubscribed.

5. What time should I arrive at *SCAPE?

You should be present 15-minutes before the start of your chosen session.

Do report to The Neutral Ground in *SCAPE's basement carpark (Level 1) and look out for our black cat detectives!

For the Sunday session, please report to Media Hub (Level 5) for the game instead.

6. How long does each game last?

Each session is about 90-minutes long (15-minutes briefing, 60-minutes game time, 15-minutes debrief). Be one of the three fastest teams each session for a chance to win bonus prizes.

Your table leader will receive an SMS with instructions when the allocated time is up.

7. Will the game be affected by the weather?

The game will continue whether it's rain or shine. Do pack an umbrella or raincoat if you're worried about inclement weather!

8. Who can I contact for more information?

For additional queries, email info [at] neotokyoproject.com and we will endeavor to get back to you within three (3) working days.

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Dec 9 - Dec 10, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
12:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Early Bird - Dec 9 (12 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 9 (3 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 9 (6 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (12 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (3 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (6 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (12 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (3 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (6 pm) $13.00
Early Bird - Dec 9 (12 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 9 (3 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 9 (6 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (12 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (3 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 10 (6 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (12 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (3 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00
Early Bird - Dec 11 (6 pm) Full Table of 4 $50.00

On sale until Dec 10, 2016, 6:00:00 PM

Venue Address
*SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, S237978 Singapore
5 minutes from Somerset MRT. For directions, check out www.scape.sg
Neo Tokyo Project